What is human

I was a goat at one time in life.  I’m not sure if I was a real goat, but you get the idea?  I hope you get the idea and don’t think I’m just crazy.  Just ask yourself, what is a goat?  I mean a goat is an animal, with four legs.  Horns, if they’re lucky.  Some people use them to make cheese, others to eat.  I’ve even seen some that were used like donkeys, lugging shit up and down a hill.  I felt bad for those.  I don’t feel as bad for the ones that are eaten or used for milk.  They get a pretty good life until they’re. Taken care of.

So, I was a goat.  And then one day, I woke up and decided that I no longer wanted to be a goat.  So, I stopped being a goat.  I’m not entirely sure what I am today.  I could be called human, but what does that mean?  I literally mean that.  It’s not a figurative question.  Like what is life?  Or what is ethics?  I’m not some old greek dude with a fucking sheet on.  I literally mean what is the definition of human?

No need to worry, I looked it up in the dictionary.  It’s a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien.  I like the bit about the aliens.  Why can’t humans be aliens.  I mean, if there are aliens out there then we are aliens to them.  So, that’s a fucking lie.  Damn, I’m on fire today.  Maybe, that’s why I’m a human.

Only cause, I’m killing it.  Damn, I’m heavy on the metaphors today.  Fire, Killing, what’s next?  I’m not too sure.  Yet, this is only a mad man’s stream of consciences, if that’s what you’d like it to be.  Yet, how can you be so sure.  I’m sure one day, someone will read this and be like look at the beauty of these words.  These incoherent, pieces of shit words.  No, no one will read these.  If someone were to read these, it would be my doctor when I got into the clinic.  How would that be.  Atleast, hopefully, the doctor could answer some of my lingering questions.  I mean, honestly doc, what does it mean to be human?


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