Double Footed Dreams

The creature wobbled up the stairs. Two feet to one stair and a third lingering as a pivot counterpoint. It was unlike any other creature I had imagined. The thing trumped the Brain Bug, Snakeoids and Kuato. This slop bag of ugliness slowly dragged itself up the stairs. I sat in amusement watching it slowly ascend towards me. The amusement overwhelmed me where I did not dare move. The spoon full of Life Cinnamon stayed hovering 5 inches above the bowl. In retrospect I was stricken with fear, but at the time I was unable to realize it. Befuddled and flabbergasted as this blob continued walking towards me.

I drew in my legs, hoping that the six inch difference might save me from whatever plans it had for me. Well, it was definitely a she. Whatever plans SHE had for me. I looked around my room, hoping to find something that could save me. Next to me, my dog slept gingerly, without any recognition of this foreign beast slivering towards me. What’s the purpose of a dog, anyways? Across the room, at my desk, sits an envelope opener. That could act as a shank. I’ve seen guys on prison shows make more out of less. How to get there…

She moved slow, but that’s only because she does not feel threatened. That’s my guess, at least. What is the best way to get around a monster? I figured, I could Google it, but has anyone really seen a true monster? All I see is me wasting precious time while this she beast continues walking towards me.

I leap out of bed. My dog is tossed to the floor, squeaking in retreat from being awoken so abruptly. My dog turns to me with a snarl. By this time I had already thrown my cover over the she beast that is now frantically, squirming underneath the covers. I run over to the desk and grab the shank. And then, all of sudden, I black out.