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To whom it may concern, 

Hi, my name is Finny Murrey.  If you are reading this that means you have found me dead.  Congratulations!  you win the prize!  Sorry, this is my first time doing this.  I figure since I am gone and you can’t change it we might as well have fun with it.  If you know me, you’ll understand.  I was light hearted.  I never took anything too serious, even death for that matter.  

Anyways, I’m getting off topic.  If I don’t know you, well it’s a pleasure to meet you.  I’d shake your hand, but I can’t see at the moment.  I’d like to ask a favor of you.  Would you pass a few messages a long for me?  I’d truly appreciate it.  I don’t believe in religion, but in case the crocks are right I’ll pass the word along about you.  I have a few more letters lingering around this room of mine.  I’d like you to make sure they get to the right people.  it’s important these people receive the letters I have written.

It might be fun.  It will be like a sappy romantic comedy where you might just find the love of your life.  Most likely it will suck, but at least you won’t have me haunting you for the rest of your, moooooohahahahahaha.  Next to the computer on the desk is a stack of letters.  Each one has directions on the envelopes.  There should be one for each member of my family, four in total, one for all my friends, one for Amelia, one for Chuck, and one for Lenina.  If you are any of these people please do yourself last.  

It’d be unfair knowing what I have to say without watching the people hear my words first.  It will be a build up of “what did he have to say to me”.  It will be fun.  Oh by the way hit play on the computer now.   Haha, smile please!   This is not a bad a thing.  It was time for me to go.  I was not depressed, sad, or unhappy.  I was very content with life.  I just believed that I had lived my life and it was time. 

If you are not the cops, please do not give them this letter or any of the others.  I do not want them taking these as evidence.  It is personal and not to be displayed in public.  I am taking a great leap of faith in you.  You are the only way my life will continue going.  I’m trusting you, even though I am not sure who ‘you’ are.  Have fun with this.  Life is about the experience we are having now.  So, be in this moment.  Be awake in every action.  

Thank you in advanced,


She was washing her hair when she first heard the shot.  It sounded like it was in the bathroom, her ears were ringing.  Frightened that there’d be another shot she hunkered down into the tub portion of the shower.  She tried to position her head over the stream of water to wash the remaining shampoo away.  She did not move from the tub until the cold water replaced the lingering warmth.  Enough time had passed since the first shot she thought to herself.  There weren’t any signs of a siren.  It had to of been a car she thought to herself.

The windows in her apartment were open.  It was a summer-like spring day.  A warm breeze lifted the curtains on the windows.  She had her clothes placed on her bed.  They were organized in order of what goes on first.  Everything in the apartment was methodically placed.  Years of being in the same routine evolved into the obsessive compulsive habit.  In the fridge one would find separated food groups for each meal and day of the week.  That’s just one example of her insanity.

Her phone sat next to the bed.  It was only used to turn off her alarm.  She had no need to bother to see if someone had called or texted her from the night before.  Life at this time was very mundane.  Friends rarely called, they were too busy with their families.  It was fine, the solitude over the last few years had become a comfort to her.  The feeling of being lonely had left long ago.  She was more irritated being around people than being by herself.

She realized she was running late when she was strapping her watch around her wrist.  It was the last article of clothing on the bed, which meant it was time to go.   The clock marked ten past seven.  She glanced in the mirror before grabbing her bag and pre made lunch.  She was locking up her door when she realized the post-it note on her neighbors door.  Even though she was running late her curiosity got the best of her.  The note said, “Hi, please come in.  Please don’t be alarmed.”

Her neighbor always had people over.  He was a nice guy, although five or six years her minor.  He had always invited her over for a drink or to a party.  She rarely accepted the invitation, but when she did she enjoyed the spontaneity he invoked.  Already running late, she decided it wouldn’t hurt to pop in and see what the latest obsession he had was.

The door was already perched open and it only took a strong breeze to open it.  The site in the room was horrifying.  He was sitting up right on his chair.  A gun was held loosely in his left hand over his lap.  The top cushion was soaked in blood.  She did not have the courage to look behind the chair.  Bits of his head were plastered on the wall.  It was a rubber neckers’ dream.  As hard as she tried to look away the violence and peaceful all at once took over her emotions.  After seconds that felt like minutes of staring in awe she noticed a letter on the coffee table.  She picked it up and read it.   She collected all of the letters he had left and put them in her bag.

The police left around half past three.  Sarah Jane Hines was in the official report as the first person on scene.  It was a routine suicide case.  The family will be notified after the official autopsy report.  They referred Sarah to a support hotline for people that are exposed to traumatic experiences without training.  Sarah was suggested to take off work and take it easy for the next couple of days.  The dead body was truly horrifying at first to her.  Once she had read the letter and seen the video he had left up she was able to rationalize everything.  Sarah was not a PTSD patient in the works, but a crusader for Finny Murrey.  Her right hand kept making sure that the letters were safe in her bag.  Her finger tips would slightly graze the edge of the bundle to reassure her that they were there.


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