My right arm is numb.  Pins and needles are running down to my finger tips.  Salvia is sticking to my lips while i’m coughing in bed.  I need water.  Just a nip of water to allow my mouth to moisten itself.  With one eye open all I can see is a bottle of beer with the ass and a butt left in it.  I rolled over to see if there was anything on the other side.  To my surprise I turn to the slender back and ass of an unknown stranger.  Not astonished, but praying to remember her name before she realizes i’m up and I light a cigarette.  After the first two drags I begin to go through the day before.  Hoping that I met her before the inevitable blackout.


The morning before I woke up and had went through normal morning routine.  One large glass of water, two cigarettes, shit, shower, and go to the corner store.  At the corner store i proceeded to buy my bacon egg and cheese and a 22.  It was Saturday.  No work, no school.  Watched a movie and waited for someone to call.  Lunch time I went and bought a 12 pack of Cobra.  Continued to drink when i received a call from Chuck.  He was going to come over and we were going to figure out how the day was to unfold.

I threw in a video game and continued to finish off the 12 pack.  Chuck came over when I was on the ninth or tenth and quickly grabbed one.  Making himself comfortable and making me feel as if I were at his place he continued to talk about his extordinary night.  A night of grandiose dreams to most, but to him it was sobering reality.

“You should have seen it man!”  he had wonderful timing in his words.  He stressed seen it to allow me to know that the next thing out of his mouth was worth pausing my game.  I took his cue, paused my game and admirably listened to him.  I motioned for a beer so that I’d be able to give him my full attention for the next part of the story.

“So,” thinking of how he wants to put his story. “I had gone to the roof party after the wine was kicked at the art show.  It was Nelson’s friend from high school place.  Fucking insane, people from wall to wall.  A kid hit on somebody’s girl and he was all worked up about it.  He was going on and on about how he was going to do something about it.  So, you know what I did?”  Chuck was always good at getting people to do something.  The instigator in almost all situations.  “I grabbed two 40’s and told him to sandwich him.  I had never seen it and thought, why not tonight?.   The kid was well under the table by now.  He grabs them from my hands and stubbled towards the other guy.  All you hear is a huge crack, like a branch being ripped of a tree.  The guy actually did it!”  His face was elated with the fact that it happened.  “The only problem is it turned out to be the wrong guy!”

This was my cue to jump in with a laugh.  I gave a good ole belly chuckle exclaiming, “What!  you don’t say?”  I had heard many stories similar to this one.  They were all true.  I had seen some personally, but they had lost the appeal in the repetition and system in which they created.

“Yeah man! It was classic, shit went bonkers after that.  The cops didn’t even show up!  The place was destroyed.  Anyways, what happened to you last night?

I knew this was going to come up, it always did.  I had dipped after the first bar.  I went to see an old fling.  It had been a while since I had gotten a bust and needed one badly.  If i had told him this I’d receive a banter of not ‘putting myself out there’.

“Oh, I went to the old man bar and met up with Luke,” I finally said.  It was true.  The old man bar was my regular spot.  It was a bar surrounded by three retirement apartment buildings.  The regulars were all of the retired men who had nothing else to do with themselves.  It was were I learned to drink.  Luke had a been a friend for a long time and he could keep up with me for an hour or two.

“Well, you missed out man!  It was crazy.”  I motioned for another beer and we both realized that we were out.  We decided to go out and get some lunch and beer.   When we got back we would figure out what we were going to do that night.

We returned from the deli with sandwiches and two 12 packs.  While we were there we ran into Amelia and Emma.  They had plans to go to a show later that evening.  It wasn’t a band that I enjoyed, but Amelia was going to be there.  Amelia was the real deal.


I snuggled up to the naked body that laid next to me.  I let my dick find the nice cove made by the mysterious girls ass.  I starred down grazing up from where my dick disappeared and stopped on the two dimples she had right above her ass.  I always loved good dimples on the lower back of a woman.  I didn’t want to wake her, but I had to see if it was Amelia.  To see if my dreams had come true.  I slowly wrapped my arms around and pulled her towards me.  I took grab of one her tits, thinking to myself I might as well.  When the face was turned to me I quickly realized it was not Amelia.  I whispered to her go back to sleep.  She quickly complied.  I lit a cigarette and cracked open a beer sitting on the end of the bed.


After we saw Amelia and Emma we went back to my place.  Opened the door and pushed our way through the trash ridden floor.  I sat on my bed and Chuck sat on the couch.

“Hey Finny!  Amelia looked good, huh?”

“Yeah man.”  Chuck knew I was peaches about Amelia, but never paid any mind to it. He was only after tail.  It didn’t matter from whom it came from.

“Jeez, i’d fucked the shit out of that little bubble butt of hers.”

“Yeah man…so, would you want to go to that show?”

“Of course!  I was going to go to it anyways.  Now I have an even better reason to go.”

The night slowly crept up on us why we worked on the 12 packs.  Midway through I finally started to feel the lucid affects that I had been working on since I woke up that morning.  By the time the wonderful feeling of drunkness crept my neck I stopped caring about Chucks rants.  During one of his charades about another epic thing that happened the night before that I missed out on, I received a text from Lenina. Lenina was my old fling.  She wanted a repeat of the night before.  If she had contacted me earlier I would have felt guilty for using her, but I had already began to feel the affects of my hard work.  I replied, that i surely would if i can get away.  This meant that if I wasn’t having a good time and was horny, I’d stumble to her house to get a bust.


I knew the girl next to me was not Lenina.  I knew Lenina’s body very well and her face too for the matter.  I was trying to remember when during the night I decided to ditch Lenina and to end up with the broad next to me.  I admired her dimples while I searched my mind when I met more people the night before.


The show started at nine.  We had planned to go to the Spanish bar before hand.  The spanish bar was my second favorite bar.   When going there i’d usually be the only white person besides my company at the place.  I enjoyed this because it was gave me an odd feeling of acceptance.  I spoke broken spanish and failed at flirting with the spanish women.  The guys didn’t mind, because they found me an entertaining drunk.  I never got into a fight at the Spanish bar, not even close.  I remember I had promised Chuck a two shots to come to the Spanish bar.  He hated the place.  It wasn’t part of the scene, his scene.  If it wasn’t a place were he can see and be seen than he wasn’t about it; yet, tonight I was able to persuade him.  I sat in my usual spot and went through the normal routine.  At this point I still remember everything that happened.

We started with two shots of tequila each and washed the bite down with a modelo negro.  Tequila never sat well with me, so I nursed a second modelo negro for the rest of our stay there.  Chuck lost two games of pool and did not pay the guys he had bet.    The two pissed off guys started yelling at Chuck he excused himself for not knowing that they were betting real money.  He always instigated, but never took care of his shit.  I walked over told the two guys to allow me to buy them a drink for the confusion.  They agreed, which added another shot of tequila for me.  Chuck received a call from Aldous about how the bar at the show was filling up.  I began to add a sway to my walk and it had to be around 8.


“Good morning,” she whispered while catching me staring at her dimples day dreaming.

“Good morning,” whispered back still unsure of who ms. mystery was.  What do I do, what do i do!  Finally i blurted out, “would like something to drink?”  I hadn’t realized that i extended my beer that was in my hand.

“Water will be fine.”  I quickly jumped up forgetting that I was still ass naked to get her a glass of water.  I do not have a sculpted body.  I have an impressive beer belly, pale skin, and a random cliche mom-heart tattoo on my lower thigh.  If I wasn’t accustom seeing myself naked I’d be sick at looking at myself.  I heard her let a little giggle out.  My face was flushed immediately.

“Oh! I’m sorry, let me throw some clothes on.”  I grabbed the first pair of pants on my floor and began to put them on.  One leg up, working on the second one she stopped me.

“I kinda of like it, I mean I’m laying here naked.  Why shouldn’t you be so too.”  So, I took the one leg off and continued my quest to get her water.  I handed her the water.  She took a couple of sips.  She motioned to the heater by the bed to put it up for her.  She grabbed my dick and pulled it towards her.  She turned her body and let my dick find the cove right below her dimples.  She didn’t say a word and neither did I.  I pretended to breath heavily, as if I were asleep.  I went back to thinking about how I met this girl.  A girl that I was quickly beginning to enjoy.


We showed up at the bar.  I walked directly to the first open seat i saw.  Chuck went around the room saying what’s up to everyone.  I bounced a folded twenty on the bar until the barkeep noticed my impatience brewing.  “Well whiskey and pbr.”  Is all i could get out before he started to pour my shot and ripped opened the can.  I took the shot and let the warm, soothing sensation trickle down my throat into my belly.  By this time Chuck came back and ordered a drink.  He was in very high moods.  Cracking jokes with some artist i didn’t know.  My impatience began to grow and my drinking quickly followed.  I slammed the rest of the pbr down.  I used a new twenty and followed the same routine.  By this time the bar was becoming more and more packed.  I was thinking to myself that I was happy that we got here early and I had a spot at the bar.

After the tip stack grew seven dollars I finally received my free round.  By this time the social lubricant kicked and I was becoming more social.  I was talking up Fred and Emma.  It was something along the lines of what they were going to do in the midwest.  The two of them had planned a week long road trip across the US.   They were fun.  Both of there parents had been hippies and the mentality was passed to them.  I admired them.  I was distracted in mid sentence when Amelia came up to us.  I was talking about my time in Costa Rica.  Tico time and the relaxed paradise I had found in the locals there.  Amelia noticed I missed a step in my sentence and smiled.  Luckily Fred jumped in and Amelia and I stared in a silent hello.  Chuck had noticed her arrival as well and had destroyed our moment by grabbing her from behind.  Chuck stole the moment and I quickly asked for a Scotch neat.

The night grew later and it finally became that inkling sardine can.  At this moment in time the clouds started.   Around 1040 Lenina left a message asking if we were still on.   I didn’t respond.  I went back talking to Fred and Emma.  They were my designated friends for the night.  They didn’t drink like I did, but they were still good company.  The show was loud and people were routy.  I thought we’d probably end up getting into some sort of fight.  I forgot my drink count.


My phone started to ring, it was Chuck.  “Hey man.”

“YO!  What’s good?”

“Still in bed.  What’s up”

“Not much man, I crashed at Amelia and Emma’s place last night.  Last night was insane dude, you were all over the place.”

“Ha, oh yeah.”  My stomach started to turn thinking of Chuck and Amelia getting together, which I saw as the only outcome of him sleeping there.

“Dude, I busted on Ariel last night.”  Ariel was the chick everyone wanted.  She was from a wealthy famous family.  Her dad was architect and her mom was some kind of artist.  I never really saw what was so special about her.  She was pretty, but also was neurotic and pretentious.  I wasn’t really awed by her.

“WOW, dude… that’s awesome”  I didn’t have much to add.

“Yeah, so did you take Amelia home?”

“Amelia?  No man.  Why would you say that?”

“You guys were all over each other last night!  Dancing, Hooking up, everything dude!  I was going to try to get that, but not after I saw you two.”  He continued talking about how he was in awe that I was getting with Amelia.  I felt the same way.  I drifted trying to remember.   A memory quickly flickered.


I was out of the bar stool dancing with Amelia.  I was all over her.  She was power washing my dick with her ass.  My hands were on her hips directing her every movement to sync with the beat.  I took my hand and moved her hair to one side.  I started to kiss her bare neck.  SHe wrapped her arms around my neck to keep my head in place.  She stroked her hands through my hair.  The other hand was hooked around my neck applying pressure closer and closer to her.


As quickly as the memory appeared it went right back to black.  So, Amelia was into me last night.  What a relief.  I took a long swig of my 22.  I caught the dimples that laid next to me and realized I still had no idea how they got there.  I cut Chuck off and said, “Where did we go after the show?”

“I don’t really remember dude.  I think we went back to Fred’s place.”

“Oh yeah, we had a bottle of whiskey there.”


Everyone was blasted.  Emma was running around topless.   Fred was laughing at her.  He leaned over to me and said, “don’t you get any ideas,” jokingly.  The drugs were out.  Lines were mades, bowls packed, and pills popped.  I nursed the whiskey bottle.  I had started too early to snort, hit, or pop anything this late.  Fred’s roommate Tom had people over.  I was staring at girl across the room.  I didn’t realize I was until she started to walk over to me.  She was pretty.

“Hi”  I never knew what to say.

“Were you just staring at me?”  She had this unchallenging confidence.

“Yes, but I’m not sure why.”  I was being honest.  I was never honest when I first met a girl.  I’d try to be witty and projecting confidence.  Never vulnerable, until now.

“I’m Linda.”  She extended a hand.

“Finny” while I grabbed her hand limply.

“Finny, that’s an odd name.  I kind of enjoy it.”

“It’s the affectionate name for Fenton.  Parent’s choice not mine.”

“So, I should be hitting on your parents?”  I was astounded.  I didn’t realize she was hitting on me.



The clouds formed during that conversation.  I finally realized that the dimples belonged to Linda.  I finally singed off with Chuck.

“Who was that?”

“Oh, it was Chuck.  You know Chuck right?”

“Yeah,”  she said it in a laughing tone, “he’s the guy that hit on me last night.”

“That sounds about right.”

“Did he know we left together?”

“I don’t think so.  He’s coming over in a little.  Is that alright if he sees you with me?”  I had no confidence in my question.  I felt like a whippering dog with my head down hoping to be pet.  I  wanted her to say of course not.  I was ashamed for her.  I thought this was a pity fuck.

“I do care.  I think I’ll try to leave before he comes.  Is that okay?”

My heart sank.  I believed it to be true.  “Of course, not a problem.”

“Finn I’m joking!  Anyways you promised me breakfast last night.”

“Oh.  I did?”  I hadn’t remember that.

“Yes, Yes you did.”

“Will poptarts do?”


I started to laugh and to dress.  I slipped on some pants and threw a shirt on.  She sat up in bed.  She covered her tits with one arm, while motioning for me to throw her a shirt with the other.  I threw her a shirt that she slipped into.  She stood up and lit a cigarette.  Bent down and put on her panties.  Not a thong.  I sighed with relief.  She grabbed the beer from my hand and took a nip.

She stared at the can and looked up at me.  “I like your dimple” she said admiringly.  I always put a dent in the mouth piece of a can.  She took a drag of her cigarette and looked around the room.  After she had taken in the room she sat up against the wall in bed.  She put a movie on my computer and patted the space next to her as an invitation.

I grabbed a pillow and laid my head in the space she had previously patted.  I put my hands on her thighs.  She started to stroke her hand through my hair.  She twisted a clump of it.  I looked up at her and said, “I like your dimples too”


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