Tempo: Speechless

The three boys looked as normal as one could be. They all wore their school uniform, red blazer, red slacks, red ties, blue shirt and black shoes. The three wore mask. It’s common enough here to help filter out the pollution and dust. It’s a very a dusty city. There was a young schoolgirl and two older women in addition in the tempo. The boys were passing around a phone. You could see the crows feet of their eyes tighten as a sign of the covered smile. The tempo began to move and the boy tapped the driver. He raised his hand flat. The driver wagged his head like a bobble head doll.

A girl jumped up into the crowded seats.  She wiggled her hips until she sat comfortably on the seat; she too had a mask over her face.  The tempo proceeded to its endless route. The tightened crows feet fluttered as the phone was passed around.  They had not spoken a word.  They simply passed the phone around.  I looked at them with curiosity.  I was intrigued at what was on the phone.

My eyes met with the boy sitting across me.  I tilted my head in acknowledgment and he returned the gesture.  He then began to speak.  I did not hear his voice though.  His hands rapidly moved in defined and comfortable movements.  The other boy replied back.  I’m not sure what you call yelling in sign language.  Although, it’s the only word I know that relates to this discussion.

The movements were fierce. At times they almost seemed violent.  The two saw me watching in bewilderment and once again I saw tighten crows feet.  The boy next to me hesitantly passed his phone to the one across from me.  After a quick wave for my attention he held it in front of me.

It was cartoon.  A man sitting on a toilet trying to take a crap.  I laughed. It’s not what I had expected on my way to work.  I looked away laughing.  I received a nudge to continue looking.  This time the man on the toilets face turned red.  The boy next to me held my shoulder making sure that I did not look away again.  The man on the toilet tried to drop a third lung and fell to the floor in defeat.  I looked up in joyful tears.  The boy tapped my shoulder and pointed to the screen.  At a moments notice the poop flew into the toilet bowl and the man’s body exploded.

The tempo roared in silent laughter.  The crows feet of every covered face were larger than before.  My laughter was the only to be heard.  The women stared in amusement with a hint of a motherly smile.


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